"We have one goal - to unite all moms, we embrace all our differences but strive to be equally educated."

- The Milked Team 

We started MILKED, formally known as Vandal Mamas as an outlet and visual source for mothers who suffer in silence, specifically those in urban communities. We saw a lack of light in the dark corners of motherHOOD when it came to mothers whom we deeply could relate to. We come from Hispanic backgrounds, we were raised in the East (east NY), and we both embarked on the motherhood journey together.

Our journeys to bring our babies earthside began the same for the most part. We compared appointments and pregnancy cravings. We talked about the gender we wanted, the names we have always wanted, and then finally, the journey into labor and birth. We ended up having completely different births, each with their own uniqueness even though we both went through the same journey of planning to birth at a birthing center. We quickly realized that although we considered ourselves “mom snobs” we were completely unprepared for the realities that engulf you once you are responsible for a tiny human earth-side. We became sisters of motherhood and once we settled into who we are as moms, we noticed a directional change in our social media platform. It wasn’t just reposting pictures anymore. Like us, other mothers sometimes struggle to find help, to find support, and to find a village. Yes, we are from the HOOD but motherHOOD unites us all. We intend to support all mothers through various different means including but not limited to, motherhood apparel, lactation support,  and postpartum support. Breastfed or formula-fed, bottle or breast, c section or vaginal, epidural or natural, the message is the same. The more educated we are, the better the choices we make and the less trauma we suffer during labor and postpartum. 

We are in this together, We are the HOOD, the MOTHERHOOD